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Whether you are selling to points of sales or to distributors, dealing with a large number of customers and keeping them loyal is not easy. Salespeople will know their top customers, but beyond that, they cannot possibly track every single customer. Only those with predictive customer behavior data can increase customer retention and revenue.

When you know the status of each of your clients in their lifecycle, you will be able to make personalized offers and targeted marketing campaigns, increasing customer lifetime value.  

Prevent your distributors from leaving

Get alerted when a distributor starts dropping off or stops ordering one specific product.

Prioritize your customers

Separate your clients into “Active, At-risk, and Churned” buckets and prioritize them by RFM segmentation (Recency, Frequency, Monetary).

Know the re-stocking date and amount

Know when your point of sales and distributors are about to re-stock, for each SKU. 

Analyze your customer buying behavior

Analyze the ordering pattern of your customers and identify changes in the way they order. 

Personalize your marketing campaigns

Create fully targeted marketing campaigns to retain current customers. 

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