Numerical Distribution (ND)

Numerical distribution definition

Numeric distribution is a measure of the percentage of stores or points of sale that carry a particular product or brand. 

Calculation of numerical distribution

Numerical distribution is calculated by dividing the number of stores that carry a product by the total number of stores in the market, and multiplying the result by 100 to get a percentage. For example, if a brand's product is carried in 70 out of 100 stores in a particular market, its numeric distribution would be 70%.

Why you should care about numerical distribution

Numeric distribution helps businesses assess the effectiveness of their distribution strategy and identify gaps in their coverage. By monitoring numeric distribution over time, businesses can track changes in availability and identify areas for improvement, such as expanding distribution to new markets or increasing distribution to existing stores. Numeric distribution can also be used as a benchmark for comparing the performance of different brands or products in the market.

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