How to get new points of sale for your products?

Philippe Pavillet

Jan 11, 2023

Most effective marketing methods to acquire B2B customers

Even if behind B2B customers there are people who can also be end users of your products, one must be aware that selling a product to an end consumer or a company are two totally different things. When selling a product to a company, you must make offers, negotiate, adjust prices and conditions, and convince much more than a single consumer; thus, more time is needed.

In this article, which is addressed to companies trying to set up new sales points worldwide, I will offer some insights into the most effective methods of attracting B2B customers.

First, you must think about the type of shop you would like your product to be present in. To do this, I recommend you ask yourself these questions:

  • What should the point of sale (POS) look like?
  • Is this type of POS in line with the values of our business?
  • Is the POS aligned with the product we offer (in terms of quality, type of product, positioning, etc.)?

Now that you know the types of shop you are looking for, you need to think about how you want the distributor to get to know you and create content around that. For example, if you want distributors to be interested in you through your website, you should obviously create a section for them to contact you easily by filling in a form with their details. Of course, for the distributor to reach your website, it must be optimized with content created in a format that fits your customer and using keywords to benefit from SEO. In addition to optimizing your website, being present on some marketplaces like Faire, Ankorstore, Trouva or Orderchamp will allow you to get your first foot in the market.

Apart from that, your website should also be attractive to the B2C market, because, after all, you want to create one site and establish one brand to promote. The B2C vs B2B contradiction is only apparent because very often, a consumer who discovers a product by buying it on your site will then buy it in a store, to save on shipping costs. Your B2C site benefits your B2B customers.

At the same time, keep in mind that behind companies there are human beings, who can be influenced by social media, where you can also create content to capture their attention. 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make their purchasing decision. Here, you need to create content that your customers will like, encourage them to respond to your posts to create engagement, and get the network algorithms on your side. It is important to offer something that gives them value: the point is not just to sell, but to share the interests of your customers, your partners, and your sector.

Likewise, when we talk about B2B customers, we must not forget email marketing. 77% of B2B marketers use email marketing to drive sales and website visits. The current focus is on personalization and allowing the customer to decide whether to contact the company. For that, it is vital to open a conversation and offer something of value (share exclusive videos or photos, news about the company, etc.), as well as a clear Call to Action so that the reader can quickly access the product or the company. Remember that the subject line should create curiosity and invite the user to enter and read the email!  

Based on the 2020 Litmus Report, email click-through rates improve by 200% when interactive elements are added. 

If we focus on delivering more value to the prospect, giving free samples away, known as product sampling, is highly recommended. This allows customers to discover, try, and evaluate the product; improving their confidence in the brand and thus helping them make purchasing decisions. Besides, it fosters relationships with existing customers and boosts loyalty and engagement.   

According to a survey of online cosmetic buyers in the US and the UK, a share of 72% said they liked brands the most if they send free samples so that consumers can try the products before purchasing.

Another incredibly effective way of getting new points of sales is attending trade shows such as Natexpo Paris, BioCultura Barcelona, Ideal Home Show in London, or Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. Trade shows are unique in their opportunities for brands to get a conversation going with their customers, prospects, and competitors. They offer a high probability to generate targeted leads and increase brand awareness. Free samples should also be present in these events to increase visibility and credibility. Don’t forget to take notes in every conversation so you can follow up after the trade! 

EMI’s EventTrack survey found that 65% of consumers purchase the product promoted at the event, and when asked what influenced the purchase decision, 78% replied, “they allowed me to try it out first.” 

Finally, when preparing for a negotiation, be aware that a company will most likely research the competition before talking to you. Therefore, prepare the sales pitch to stand out in the market!

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